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Status Update on BasaBots and 2.0

Hello Everyone!

I just want to apologize for the recent licensing issue.  That was a huge mistake on my part.  I was attempting to “help” someone with a licensing issue and ended up causing quite a bit more damage than help.  Very sorry for that outage.  It was great to see so many people quickly respond to the outage.  Hearing from everyone that they cant wait to get back online makes me that much more excited to bring you guys 2.0, a website redesign, and a new forum!

pirate_danceThe new forums and website are going to launch along-side the 2.0 release.  They will be ever so tied together in such great and interesting ways.

2.0 has come a long way… I have taken a lot of feedback from everyone and put everything I could into this release.  I have 1 final section to code and I am a little stumped on how to proceed.  I am not sure how everyone currently feels about the Fate Bot, but that is about the last major thing that needs to be implemented.  I am going to throw up a poll and I would really love to see what you guys have to say.

If you guys are able to, please checkout the Alpha (well currently down due to the recent patch) and provide any feedback you have.  Once I finish the last final pieces I will throw it into Beta and start posting regular updates on the development here.  I am trying out a new developer that will hopefully be a great help to this project and assist in getting things done a lot faster.  I know I have not be able to get to everyone’s email requests as of recently and I do apologize, but I have been a little overwhelmed.

I hope to be more ahead of the game over the next few weeks.  I plan on having at least beta out before Christmas!

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  • flash61000 on December 10, 2014

    thx for info basanoviat, is it possible to becoming alpha tester?

  • Rolanberry on December 12, 2014

    I would love to use the Fate bot! But if it was easier to use so that the character could farm multiple fates with ease at set up.

  • mradmach on December 13, 2014

    fatebot would be fantastic if it had clear instructions for moving between fates etc. i understand waypoints but does it just move waypoint to waypoint, could see missing alot of fate spawns without more information and fate spawn rotations etc.

  • ash on December 17, 2014

    I agree it would be nice to have a more functional fate bot. I would be glad to alpha test as well if that is an option

  • Stealth3si on December 24, 2014

    is it possible to make a auto-stop feature? make the bot stop gathering when it reaches the last waypoint or a set timer or something would be nice for unspoiled nodes

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