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BasaBots – Broken after last patch, working on fix now

I just wanted to keep you guys up to date.  I have confirmed that the last patch changed some memory offsets so I will be fixing this tonight.  I hope to also roll together the other updates I have been working on at the same time.  Ordering some food and getting a Monster ready, going to be a long and fun night =)


Update: All memory offsets have been fixed. I am finishing up some testing and about to jump into the new features to see if I can get them released tonight as well.  Onward we march!

PS: made fishing more efficient for this coming patch too!

  • Crimneo on February 20, 2014

    Looking forward to the update!

  • mikenie on February 20, 2014

    We r waiting for ur update 😀 Good luck!

  • pblaster on February 20, 2014

    Thanks ^^

  • razor5421 on February 21, 2014

    Thanks for working so hard to get out an update.

  • final62 on February 21, 2014

    good luck

  • Crimneo on February 26, 2014

    Memory offsets changed again after 2/26 patch. Waypoints and crafting bot were affected.

    • Mike on February 26, 2014

      well that explains why my crafting bot wont work.

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