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Post By: Basanoviat

Email Issues and Site Update

I noticed that the website wasnt sending emails correctly.  This was due to Mandrill updating their services and forcing all their customers to pay and migrate their service to Mail Chimp.  That didn’t fly by me so I just moved the back-end email service to another provider and updated the back-end of the website in […]

Current & Future BasaBots Status

I would like to share a little bit about the status of BasaBots 2.0 and what the future holds. Current Status: As of right now, many of you already know that further development of BasaBots has stopped.  This is mainly due to personally not playing the game anymore (although I still hold an active account), […]

BasaBots Update v2.1.0.35

BasaBots Update: v2.1.0.35 Skill Fix:  There was an change to the way the game registers skills which was causing issues with most of the bot features (Fishing, combat, etc). I have found the issue and just released this patch to fix the problem.

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