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3.1 Delayed Update

I apologize for the delay since the previous announcement.  I have had some very serious family emergencies that took the last few days.  The good news is that I am at the helm tonight and will be posting updates on the status soon =)

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  1. Also, it came up in one of my threads, and was really valid points, By any chance, do you have other people working on the bot? or is it just you? My suggestion was, maybe you should find someone you REALLY TRUST and know personally, to help you with updating the bot. I know coding can be very tedious and boring when it comes to working alone on things. Like i said in my post I used to make Minecraft plugins, (Not the same thing but still same concept) It got boring after awhile cause I had no one to work with. I dont even know what this bot is written in, my guess was c# or c++ or not.

  2. Made some great progress tonight, but hung up on a couple last few details. Hopefully I can wrap this up tomorrow or Friday at the very latest. About 85% of the way complete.

  3. This update is taking a little longer than expected.
    Ran into a problem with Fate Bot that I still cannot solve. A few more bugs I am still hammering out. Doing my best to get this out tonight…possibly with a few features disabled until I am able to repair them.

  4. awesome cant wait thanks basa!

  5. as long as crafting and gathering work… im fine

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