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Monthly Archives: May 2015

BasaBots Milestone and Memorial Day Promotion!

BasaBots 2.0 launch wasn’t easy in any respects, but it has been performing wonderfully!  It is also a huge vacation weekend here in the states (Memorial Day!) so it is about time for a little promotion!  This is the chance to share BasaBots with your friends for FREE!  You can now share BasaBots with all […]

Update v2.1.0.14

BasaBots Update v2.1.0.14 Golden Saucer Bot:  Updated the FFXIV Chocobo Racing Bot to allow user navigation configuration.  You can now input the percentage of the race (decimal are OK) and the action you would like to take at that specific percent of the race. Please use this template as a base for Sagolii Road.  Obviously […]

Purging Logs

On the Account Admin page, you will now find a button labeled “Purge All Log Data“. This button will delete all your logs from the BasaBots database in case you want to cleanup your logs or just erase the evidence! The power is in your hands now…..

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