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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Update v2.1.0.13

BasaBots Update v2.1.0.13 Golden Saucer Punching Bot!: Stand next to the Punching Bot Cuff-a-cur NPC and just hit RUN!  Watch the magic happen… Stats Logs:  Fixed a problem with GIL detection and added MPG/HR on Golden Saucer Bots. Chocobo Race: Added a slight delay where some people were getting caught

Update v2.1.0.11

BasaBots Update v2.1.0.11 Waypoints:  I fixed a bug with waypoints and many other numbers to be formatted incorrectly (well correctly for their country, but incorrectly for the BasaBots App).  All numbers should be seporated by a “.” symbol with a fraction of the number on the right side.  Some countries use a “,” which were […]

Update v2.1.0.9

BasaBots Update v2.1.0.9 License: There was a bug with the App that was preventing certain computers that were configured for a specific country/language (example: Japan) from validating the license.  This has now been fixed. Waypoints:  A small update to force waypoints to update.  Please comment and let us know if this has fixed the issue […]

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