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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Change Log For Version Assist Bot – Fixed a bug where the character would never actually target a mob and begin fighting

Crafting Testing

I am working on a few things today and I would love to dive deeper into some of the crafting problems some people are still seeing.  If anyone having a crafting problem is willing to help troubleshoot, please contact me on Skype if you are willing to let me remote into your system and take […]

Change Log For Version General – Fixed BasaBots for the newest Patch Crafting – Added in more error checking for different computer setups for crafting window. Crafting – Added in additional checks so it does not get stuck in an endless loop.

Change Log For Version Crafting – Fixed a bug that caused the craft window to close and open forever when in Borderless Windowed mode Crafting – Fixed a bug where it would cycle through the HQ items and not select them. Gathering – Increased the picking item delay.  It used to pick an item every 1-2 […]

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