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Monthly Archives: October 2013

v1.9 Preview

We have been hard at work on the new combat bot and it is definately a huge undertaking.  There are a lot of new options and functionality coming with this update that is taking a while to code out.  We wanted to drop a little hint of the Combat Bots GUI update.  This is not final, […]

FFXIV Combat Bot Updates

We are making good progress on the Combat Bots. Lots of core functions down and basic checks and balances are done. Servers are down for maintenance now but I hope to hit this hard again tomorrow. Things are looking good =)

Some Gathering Stats

Gathering Stats for v1.8.6.3 So i have been hammering some gathering for the last day or 2 and this is about the rate I am currently gathering Botany 8 hours ~4000 items harvested I have 2 different accounts running and they have been using my new Multi-Box feature (coming soon, I have been testing) on […]

Change Log For Version General – Added a check to see if you pass a waypoint so you no longer do “circles” around a waypoint General – Added an UnStuck feature if you dont move for 5 seconds while trying to travel from one location to another. Crafting – Added values to HQ so you can select how many […]

Change Log For Version General – Removed the function that force installs a new Font General – Added a backup font similar to the Font I typically use (no more font installs, this was causing the program not to launch for some people) Combat – Fixed a GUI error on Combat Bot that would prevent you from using […]

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