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2.0 Beta – Tomorrow The 1st!

Happy New Years Everyone!

If all goes well you should see a post tomorrow announcing the 2.0 beta allowing all licensed users to participate in the beta. Please Check-in tomorrow for more updates!


  • Basanoviat on December 31, 2014

    By “all goes well” i do mean actually getting home tonight and not being too “tired” to work haha. But I expect to power through anything to move 2.0 forward!

  • mradmach on December 31, 2014

    you sir are a freakin beast! love you! like seriously.. i cant wait to crack at that bad boy of programming! ill be looking forward to the fun after work!

  • Justin Rich on January 1, 2015

    Can’t wait to play around with it!

  • Dragon DV on January 7, 2015

    were is the download section to get the 2.0… new to the bot still trying to find out how it works ><

    • Basanoviat on April 7, 2015

      It is the BETA link under the big download button

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